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azz is one of the most vital and ever-changing musics in the world. Jazz music has continually evolved since its birth nearly one hundred ago. The music has always had the ability to cut across both national boundaries and musical genres, revealing the unity among seemingly different cultures. There is a powerful relationship between tradition --  the continuity of culture -- and the creative freedom of innovation through the spirit of improvisation. I am proud to play a part in this true world music.

- Chris Bakriges

Coming Up: Friday, June 19, 7pm, Concert to Celebrate the Preview of the Summer Solo Show at Southern Vermont Art Center with vocalist Bidi Dworkin. 930 Southern Vermont Arts Center Dr, Manchester, VT

Saturday, June 20, 8pm, The Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley 2015 Jazz Concerts at Historic Memorial Hall, 14 W. Main St., Wilmington, VT

The concert, which benefits the West River Habitat for Humanity, brings together musicians from four states. Bassist Mark Dunlap resides in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts while drummer Gary Smith is from New York City. Saxophonist Steve MacLauchlan and vocalist Bidi Dworkin lives in Brandon and South Royalton, respectively. Guest vocalist Holly and guitarist Joe Fortner, Connecticut transplants new to southern Vermont, round out the performers.

Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley. Ten towns, four seasons, three lakes, two mountain resorts...endless possibilities! Info: (802) 464-8092      http://www.visitvermont.com/

Sunday, June 21, 10:30am. Meetinghouse Concert, featuring Boston saxophonist Willie Sordillo. W. Dover Congregational Church, West Dover, VT

fiddleFunk is a program of compositions incorporating a cornucopia of idioms, from the Great American Songbook, to Bebop, Brazilian, and the global depth of the blues. fiddleFunk next performs at:

June 26, Blu Jazz Cafe, Akron, OH, 8PM [w/ Ricky Exton-d, Dave Morgan-b] More at: http://blujazzakron.com/show/fiddlefunk-06-26-2015/

June 27, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH, 4PM [w/ author/producer Antwone Fisher, vocalist Amanda Powell, Oikos Ensemble's Cliff Aerie-s, Angela Lynard-v, & Alan Gleghorn-b & Rhythmpainter-d]  http://www.clevelandconventions.com/event-listing?Month=6&;Year=2015

June 28, The Bop Stop, Cleveland Music Settlement, Cleveland, OH 7PM [w/ Paul Samuels-d, Glenn Holmes-b]                   http://themusicsettlement.org/calendar/2015/06/28/fiddlefunk-bop-stop

To learn about the Matisse in Music Program please click on to the following web page: http://www.stanleychepaitis.com/

Upcoming Matisse in Music concerts:

June 27, Amistad Chapel, Synod UCC, "Unexpected Places," 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 7:30PM More at:


June 28, Middleburgh Hts Community Church, 7165 Big Creek Pkwy, Middelburgh Hts, OH 10:30AM

For the Whitehead/Bakriges duologues, a collaboration with trumpeter, composer, and sound designer Glen Whitehead,

please visit: http://www.glenwhitehead.com/bakriges-whitehead-duo/



Creative Interpretation on Matisse's 'Jazz'
Thursday, April 16th | 12-1:30pm

Music by Chris Bakriges and Stanley Chepaitis
Dance by Noel St. Jean-Chevalier
Art by Nanci Costanzo
Introduction by Dan Chelotti
Interprestation by Javier Venturi

With performances by the Elms Dancers and cutout installations by Nanci Constanzo's Intro to Art students


Location: Borgia Gallery | Mary Dooley College Center, Second Floor, Elms College
URL: www.elms.edu/matisseproject



Musician inspired by Matisse's 'Jazz'


Origionally Published Wednesday, December 16, 2009 By CORI URBAN

CHICOPEE - The sick-bed "painting with scissors" paper cut-outs French painter Henri Matisse created before his death and the text that accompanied them when they were published in 1947 inspired Elms College music lecturer and artist-in-residence Christopher G. Bakriges - a pianist, composer and educator - to create a musical reflection on the work.

"Teaching the Eye to Hear: Musical Reflections on Matisse's 'Jazz'" is Bakriges' musical interpretation of the artist's visual images. His son, violinist David C. Bakriges, is featured on the CD.

The series of 20 Matisse plates, collectively called "Jazz," "really stimulated me to look at his composition, form and color and really respond to that in a musical way," Bakriges said. "I could see what he was doing in my mind's eye and really respond to it musically."

Read more: Musician inspired by Matisse's 'Jazz'


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